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Welcome Modeling and Simulation Class 2012

June 15, 2012

Welcome to MODESIM Class!

I am Richard F. Bernat, Instructor of this institution and I welcome you with warm greetings. I pray that we will all have a fruitful semester ahead of us.

Before we proceed, I would like to ask you to please fill out the Student Profiler Form (link provided below).



December 5, 2010

In computer science, a stack is a last in, first out (LIFO) abstract data type and data structure. A stack can have any abstract data type as an element, but is characterized by only two fundamental operations: push and pop. The push operation adds an item to the top of the stack, hiding any items already on the stack, or initializing the stack if it is empty. The pop operation removes an item from the top of the stack, and returns this value to the caller. A pop either reveals previously concealed items, or results in an empty stack.

A stack is a restricted data structure, because only a small number of operations are performed on it. The nature of the pop and push operations also means that stack elements have a natural order. Elements are removed from the stack in the reverse order to the order of their addition: therefore, the lower elements are typically those that have been on the stack the longest

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