Recursion means that it has the capability to save the condition it was in or the particular process it was serving when calling itself.  A recursive expression is a function, algorithm, or sequence of instruction that loops back to the beginning of itself until it detects that some condition has been satisfied.  In a way, recursion can be a problem-solving approach to generate simple solutions that would be difficult to solve by splitting one or more simpler version of it.

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5 Responses to “Recursion”

  1. Dianalyn Dave Segotier Says:

    sir..hindi ko poh masyado maintindihan…paki explain na lng poh bukas…tnx

  2. anna rose escoro Says:

    sir..d ku po ma downlod ang file..panu po ito?..need help.

  3. Feema Quiachon Says:

    sir saan po dito ang bago niyo pong gipost?kasi po ang recursion meron na po ako nyan…san po ang bago?

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